What Is Full Immersion Preschool?

A full immersion preschool is a great start to opening your child up to the wonders of another language and culture. 

What Is Immersion Preschool?

Immersion preschool is when most or all classes are taught in a foreign language. For example, an English-speaking child could attend an immersion school and be taught their classes in Spanish. This is different from simply taking a Spanish class as the only time the child would be learning and evolving their Spanish skills would be in that one classroom. With an immersion preschool, most of the day is spent working on the foreign language. 

The Two Types of Immersion Preschool

There are two different program types for immersion preschool.

Full Immersion

Full immersion preschool, also known as complete immersion preschool, occurs when the entirety of the school day is taught in a foreign language, such as Spanish. Your child should become fluent in Spanish due to working on it in school, but also fluent in English, as they should be using that at home. This is the most popular immersion program. 

Partial Immersion

Partial immersion preschool refers to teaching in the foreign language for roughly half of the day. This occurs to assist the child in becoming fluent in both their native and foreign language. Another way partial immersion is carried out is by teaching one foreign language for half the day, and also a second foreign language the other half of the day.

What Are the Benefits of Full Immersion Preschool?

Generally, exposing a child to something new is better the younger you can do it. This is because their young minds are better able to absorb that information while their brain and cognitive functions are still developing. 

There are many benefits when it comes to full immersion preschool, including: 

  • Learning at a young age helps children learn quicker
  • Better understanding their native tongue
  • Attending smaller class sizes, which means more one-on-one time 
  • Helping children become aware of other cultures at a young age
  • Improving memory
  • Improving critical thinking skills

Does Your Child Have to Attend a Full Immersion Preschool?

Your child will always have the option of an immersion preschool. It is important to remember that it is so much easier for your young child to learn a new language than it would be for you. You might think it may be too hard, or too much for your child, but in reality, you may just be making your child miss out on that chance to better their education. 

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